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Category: Intensive Care
Manufacturer: Zoll
SKU: 755

RescueNet Ambulance Pad

Rescuenet Ambulance Pad is a complete electronic patient care reporting solution to capture and allow access to all pre-hospital patient, clinical and system information on tablet PCs and mobile computers.

Rescuenet Ambulance Pad offers an open interface- and communication architecture to connect medical devices for importing data like ECG and vital signs directly into the patient care report, as well as the communication capability with third party systems like billing or dispatch.

Due to a flexible setup of the graphical user interface based on guideline recommendations, capturing patient care data is extremely easy for experienced as well as for inexperienced user. All screens can be individually configured based on local or national standards. The structure of the protocol has been aligned to the standard operating procedure of an incident, so the capturing of patient data can start immediately. In addition the system can be used during an incident as an information system with access to treatment algorithms.