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Category: Intensive Care
Manufacturer: Zoll
SKU: 756

RescueNet Road Safety

RescueNet Road Safety is a proven solution to reduce aggressive driving, improve safety, and significantly reduce costs through behavior modification. Road Safety modifies behavior through real-time audible warnings that alert the driver as they approach or operate the vehicle in an unsafe manner. This immediate feedback allows drivers to correct driving behavior before it leads to a crash and provides an environment which allows vehicle operators to continuously learn and improve their driving performance.

The system has the following safety-relevant parameters:
  • Speed;
  • Number of revolutions;
  • Braking;
  • Operation of the direction indicators;
  • Activation of the blue light or the Martinhorn;
  • Installation of safety belts.

In addition, RescueNet Road Safety determines the centrifugal forces that occur in curves, as well as during braking and acceleration. As soon as the system detects critical values, the drivers receive audible warning signals in order to be able to respond immediately.

The system components of RescueNet Road Safety consist of:
  • Identification module for logging in the driver at the beginning of the shift;
  • Vehicle computer for data acquisition;
  • Sensor for detecting centrifugal forces;
  • Transmitter for transmitting data to the base station;
  • Speech module for acoustic warning in critical driving situations.

RescueNet Road Safety increases safety on every mission. It helps to prevent accidents, to increase the safety of staff and patients, and not least to reduce maintenance costs.